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Moroccan tours Reviews and Testimonials

2 days in the amazing Zagora desert from Marrakech, the service is excellent. They give you the details. An incredible trip, beautiful landscapes and they make every detail special, they take care of you very well and take you to see the best of each place. Thanks to Ismail our guide for making this a unique and unforgettable trip, we were happy and very satisfied with all the service.

But next time we would like to go to Merzouga Sahara desert.

15 March 2018


Tour : 2 Days Zagora Desert Tour from Marrakech

Family Traveller

Fantastic 3 day Tour from Marrakech with Moroccan Tour, Hamid was always attentive to all the details and made it very easy for us to travel to this wonderful country, an incredible experience traveling through much of Morocco places to the Sahara desert, and enjoying delicious Moroccan food. Very friendly and attentive guide. Highly recommended if you want to travel to Morocco

18 April 2018


Tour : 3 days Desert tour from and to Marrakech

Family Traveller

Great experience!! Our trip was a great success and mainly thanks to our excellent and professional driver. He was very patient and relaxed. The organization was exceptional, the places we stopped at on the way were perfect and really worth it and the accommodations we stayed at were really good. The camel ride in the Sahara was the best part of our tour. We will come for sure

Family Traveller

Thank you Esmail for this wonderful trip. We had an incredible time in Morocco. It was only 4 days but we visit so many beautiful places.
We look forward to seeing you soon because we are already planning to contact you again for another experience.
So see you soon.


Tour : 4 days Morocco desert tour from and to Marrakech

Couple Traveller

We had an incredible tour of 3 days in Morocco with Moroccan Tours. Finding a local to guide us around was very helpful and made it easy to see the country. The guide showed us the best places and all the most incredible places and was very helpful. He had a great attitude and was very patient to stop to take thousands of pictures. The car was very nice and comfortable. I would recommend anyone to do the same tour! The camel ride was the best part

27 August 2016


Tour : 3 Days Marrakech to Fes Desert Tour

Family Traveller

A very well organized 5 day trip, with good hotels. Hamid is a professional with absolute confidence, it has been an experience that we will always remember! A trip that has been impressive at all levels: the knowledge of the guide, the experience of the driver on road, accommodations and meals
We would like to thank Ismail, our driver during the trip, for his great disposition and professionalism and our beloved guide Hamid, for the great treatment he gave us, for his enthusiasm at all times, for solving all our doubts and above all for being a great person.
We totally recommend this company, professional and safe to travel around Morocco, thank you very much for everything!

21 May 2019
Family Traveller

Our dream came true and we finally traveled to Morocco for one week. We were lucky enough to choose “Moroccan Tours” as our agency and they quickly responded. The communication with them was always fast and they organized a trip for us according to our requests. Where we were in Morocco, we felt totally accompanied from the first day.

Ismail was a great guide. Very professional and dedicated to his work. He was very friendly and always helpful. We had a great time with him. Without a doubt, if I return to Morocco again, I would be travelling with “ Moroccan Tours”

 4 September 2019


Tour : 7 Days Morocco Tour from Fes

Group Traveller

We always wanted to visit Morocco, we decided to trust in Moroccan-Tours and it was the best decision!

You only have to worry about enjoying. The organization is perfect, always attentive to everything. Transfers from the airport and hotels, very well organized tour with native guide who speaks English. The trip to the desert of Merzouga is an incredible experience. Not only because of the landscapes and the places you visit but also because of the treatment and the closeness of all the guides and workers of the camp.
We really enjoyed morocco, i highly recommend Moroccan tours

5 June 2019


Tour : 5 Days in Morocco from Casablanca

Family Traveller

Incredible experience. It’s totally worth it. They are professionals and great people, I recommend to make the visit to Morocco with them, Our guide, Ismail, was always there to help us, to answer our questions and to give us information about the places that we were visiting, and also the culture of the places. All his team was nice at the Berber camp, which definitely exceeded our expectations.

I recommend you all to live this experience

14 May 2019
Family Traveller

We have made a week trip through Morocco and everything went perfect.
They have been very concerned about us, the attention and kindness of all the people we met on the way was the best of all. Everything was 10/10. Besides, discovering the deepest Morocco by the hand of a real Moroccan is priceless. Really it is worth travelling with Moroccan Tours , if we have the opportunity to return to Morocco undoubtedly we will choose this agency again. In summary, a wonderful agency
Thank you very much especially to Ismail, for your patience, your help and for teaching us so much about your culture.

24 May 2019
Group Traveller

We spent 10 days in Morocco from Marrakech to tangier through the desert and Fez. At the airport we were welcomed by Ismail, our guide who is now a friend, an incredible person who has been a professional in his work , we connected as if we had known each other for a long time. With him we learned a lot about culture and religion and how to value time.

In short, thank you Ismail for making our experience unforgettable.

26 December 2018
Couple Traveller

Company 100% recommended.
They organized a 5 day tour of Morocco quite enriching. It was a wonderful experience, adjusted to everything we wanted.
Very attentive to the customers. Eager to make sure everything went well. Very friendly and very efficient. The food and the hospitality in each Riad, the camel ride on the dunes, the sunrise in the desert and everything exceeded our expectations. Very recommended company, reliable and safe. The communication with Ismail that was always attentive in solving personally all our doubts and in being alert that everything was perfect. Thank you all, we hope to return one day!

25 August 2018


Tour : 5 Day Morocco Desert Tour from Marrakech

Couple Traveller

A great company always pending, planning with you the itinerary and taking you to see what you really want to see, without cheating. We were with them for 6 days, traveling through beautiful villages towards the desert where we spent the night in a desert camp. Spectacular in everything, their landscapes and their people. Ismail and his brother made the trip unforgettable. Great calm hotels.

My husband and I discovered a small piece of Morocco, but we learned about the whole country . Thank you Ismail for making it unforgettable

8 May 2018



Jake S.
Couple Traveller

Fantastic 3 day Tour from Marrakech with Moroccan Tours, Hamid was always attentive to all the details and made it very easy for us to travel to this wonderful country, an incredible experience traveling through much of Morocco places to the Sahara desert, and enjoying delicious Moroccan food. Very friendly and attentive guide
Highly recommended if you want to travel to Morocco

18 March 2018
Family Traveller

I really recommend this experience, Hamid has provided us with this wonderful experience, he is a very helpful, friendly, experienced guide and he cares a lot about the wellbeing of his clients, he is a great professional. In case of any doubt or situation Hamid helps you, the places we stopped at during the trip were perfect and really worth it and the accommodations we stayed in were really good. The camel ride was the best part of our desert exploration, we really enjoyed the stay and had a fantastic travel experience! Thanks Hamid.

10 May 2019
Group Traveller

Thanks Moroccan Tours we had the 12 most unforgettable days of our lives, a perfectly organized trip, great hotels and wonderful landscapes with the best guide you can have. After traveling a lot I can say that Ismail has been one of the best people we could have met. He is always looking after us, always smiling and cheerful, transmitting happiness to others. He has taught us his passion for the desert and made us feel safe and comfortable during the whole trip. We are sure we will come back again. Thank you very much for the treatment.

2 May 2019
Family Traveller

We had an excellent experience from the moment of planning the trip until the last day. their guides are able to transmit the love for their land and culture through the different activities they offer. An experience totally recommended for any person who wants to discover totally different cultures. Hassan was an excellent driver, he made stops in spectacular places to take pictures . I will certainly return to this country.

22 April 2019


Tour : 14 Day Grand Morocco Tour from Casablanca

Couple Traveller

My boyfriend and I decided to go on a 11 day tour to Morocco, and after a few google searches we found Moroccan tour website , then we contact them on Whatsapp, they replied within seconds, the guy name was Hamid, we asked to change few things in the itinerary, Hamid organized it the way we wanted.
In the airport, our driver Ismail welcomed us, he was energetic, funny, and a good driver as well.
Everything went according to the plan, we enjoyed morocco more then we expected , thanks to Hamid for the itinerary editing and thanks to Ismail for the lovely road trip

21 March 2019


Tour : 11 days in Morocco from Casablanca

Couple Traveller

We chose this tour in order to visit as much places as possible, so we can have plenty of time to discover every place, we did not drive much compared to short trips that half of the tour time is spent in the car.
We visited all the four imperial cities, the Sahara desert, Casablanca, and the blue city
Our driver was Ismail he spoke very good English, he explained well everything about the tour and answered all our curiosities.
Thank you so much.

7 March 2019
Family Traveller

There are no words to describe how magical 2 days tour was, the sunset, the sunrise, the colors, the sensations that you get from being there, how insignificant you feel in the middle of the desert with so much beauty, seeing more stars than you thought existed. It is an experience that marks in the depths of your soul, our guide driver, Hamid, has been very kind and had explained everything very well. The night in the desert was incredible. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

12 January 2018
Couple Traveller

Since we first set foot in Morocco, they always made things easier for us with a smile and a lot of patience. We had an incredible time. After visiting Casablanca, Hamid picked us up punctually at the hotel to start the 6 day tour to Marrakesh.
It is a journey of contrasts: from the city to the Atlas, snow, desert, green valleys, gorges, villages, beautiful hotels… A thousand attentions from Hamid and all the people we met.t We went to Merzouga and it is a complete experience and I highly recommended.
Thank you!

3 January 2018
Couple Traveller

The 4 day desert tour has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. The 4 day tour from Marrakech to Fez has been unforgettable. we met so many friendly people, as our guide Hamid, so great, he made us know that Morocco is even more beautiful! Everywhere we went there was something beautiful to see, but the night we spent in the desert, was something that cannot be described with words, you have to live that experience in person if you really want to know what it feels like.
The company’s work is perfect they care about the customers very much, and they are always looking out for us.
Thanks again for being our guide and now a great friend!
Thank you very much for the experience!

1 August 2017
Group Traveller

Great experience!! Our trip was a great success and mainly thanks to our excellent and professional driver. He was very patient and relaxed. The organization was exceptional, the places we stopped at on the way were perfect and really worth it and the accommodations we stayed at were really good. The camel ride in the Sahara was the best part of our tour. We will come for sure

12 April 2017
Family Traveller

I’m fascinated with the this super tour, excellent attention, excellent service, everyone is very friendly, without a doubt one of the best trips I’ve ever done. One of the best experiences of my life, they were always aware of everything we needed. The landscape where the camp is located is spectacular. The tents are perfectly equipped (blankets to avoid cold, light, plugs, bathrooms with hot water, wifi …). The dinner and breakfast we had there was the best of the whole trip through Morocco.
The transport was excellent too. The driver was punctual, very good, helpful and friendly. We felt very comfortable and always attended to our needs, in a short time we had a great experience with this agency. We recommend it 100% for trips of friends or families. Great staff. Professional and friendly. With first class transportation.

23 January 2017
Family Traveller

I had a great experience in Morocco, there were so many incredible places, the 2 day tour was very well organized. The staff of the camp was very attentive at all times, both the dinner and breakfast were very delicious, in the evening we lived a great experience with a fire they made, singing and dancing with all the people of the camp. No doubt it was an incredible surprise and a journey to always remember , I highly recommend “Moroccan tours” and all its team, they bring you closer to the culture from the beginning, attentive to the tourists at all times, polite and fun, plus the comfortable, clean and very new vehicle. Super recommended.

19 January 2017
Solo Traveller

I made the reservation directly with Hamid, who helped us prepare our 5 day tour, answering all our questions and sending us all the information and budget in less than 1h since we contacted him.
The car was very comfortable and its driver, Ismail, was very kind and attentive to us at all times. An essential tour if you are going to visit Morocco.

15 April 2019



Tour : 5 Days in North Morocco Tour From Tangier


Family Traveler

Very good agency. They made us a very convenient plan at a very good price, visiting the most important of each place.
No words can describe the magnificent experience my partner and I had! Very good experience, the camel ride and the night among the dunes, excellent.
Everything is super well organized; the dinner, very good. I loved the tour, everything was excellent from the arrival until the last day. Ismail is always attentive to every detail and makes sure that everything is perfect. 100% recommendable and reliable

18 January 2017
Couple Traveller

An incredible trip, the landscapes are beautiful. They make everything special, they take care of you very well and take you to see the best of each place. Thanks to Ismail our guide for making this a unique trip, the organization is excellent. You don’t have to worry about anything, everything is perfectly organized. Seeing the sunset and sunrise from the dunes is one of the best experience you can have in your life. The whole team is very professional and attentive. Very good hotels. highly recommended!

2 February 2016
Group Traveller

I traveled with my friend on a 5 day trip from Tangier we visited Chefchaouen , the ancient ruins, Fes, the Merzouga desert and the High Atlas through the Kasbah of Ait Ben-Haddou. Our guide Hamid was great, always showing us the best places to photograph and eat, he was very flexible with the itinerary and we learned a lot thanks to him.
The highlight of the trip was the camel ride and the night in the camp. We had great sunsets and sunrises on the dunes. we really enjoyed the trip, and i highly recommend it!

14 May 2009



Tour : 5 Day Morocco Desert Tour from Tangier



Group Traveler

There are no words to describe the beautiful experience we had in Morocco!

We traveled from Marrakech to the desert with Moroccan Tour and it was incredible. All the activities, hotels and meals were excellent! Ismail is a great guide, you can tell the love he has for what he does. From the moment he picked us up he helped us with everything, he solved all our doubts by patiently answering all our questions, he shared stories and taught us about his culture and country.

A thousand thanks for filling us with great experiences, we have incredible memories and a great desire to return!

15 August 2015
Family Traveller

Very professional people, their attention is first class, they are very attentive to you and your needs. It has been one of the most unforgettable experiences, the guides are great and very prepared that have made us feel at home.

Excellent accommodation very comfortable and familiar, with typical food, very well prepared.

We really recommend Moroccan Tours without hesitation.
Thank you very much.

16 March 2018


Tour : 5 Days Desert Tour from Fes To Marrakech

Group Traveller

Incredible experience! We toured Morocco in 10 days from Fes. Everything was very well organized and coordinated. An experience totally recommended. The night under the stars and the awakening with the dawn with a total silence was a pleasant experience. To emphasize the attention of the professionals who have attended us, especially Hamid, who has always been concerned about us. Thank you very much. We recommend without a doubt Moroccan Tours and we hope to repeat on another occasion.

15 March 2018
Family Traveller

It was a very good option to hire this agency, since the first contact they answered immediately, every doubt I had was answered. Visiting many places and spending a night in the desert. The tents were spectacular The night in the desert was the best of all! i wish to repeat!

17 February 2018
Solo Traveller

Thank you Esmail for this wonderful trip. We had an incredible time in Morocco. It was only 4 days but we visit so many beautiful places.

We look forward to seeing you soon because we are already planning to contact you again for another experience.
So see you soon.

3 November 2015
Family Traveller

Thank you so much Moroccan Tours, we booked our 6 day trip from Tangier, we had a very good trip through different cities, attractions and sights. We are very thankful to have met people willing to share their traditions, cultures and stories with the travelers. We love the experience of the desert and spending the night under the starry sky. It was an excellent experience


23 October 2018



Tour : 6 Days Tour in Morocco from Tangier

Family Traveller

We have been in Morocco for 7 days, and it has been a great experience. With Ismail everything went perfect, he knows all the places in the country and explains everything very well, so that you know at all times what you are visiting, the camp is like something out of a dream, the food is spectacular in the smallest detail, the beds are very comfortable, the water is warm. In addition, all the staff is very pleasant and we have lived an unforgettable experience!


5 August 2019



Tour : One week Tour from Tangier

Family Traveler

The experience was amazing from the first day . Thanks to Ismail for making this trip unforgettable, thanks to their professionalism, closeness to the clients and their kindness. the very good accommodations and spending the night in the middle of the desert is a unique experience!
Morocco is an incredible country to visit, amazing landscapes and very friendly people.

25 November 2017



Tour : 10 Days Tour from Tangier

Couple Traveler

Ismail organized us a nice trip to Tangier , Chefchaouen, Fez, Midelt, Merzouga desert, Dades valley, Marrakesh Casablanca and Rabat. Above all I would like to thank the excellent driver Moha, a very hardworking young man who was always eager to please, willing and always with a smile. The night in the desert and in the tents were incredible, the conversations by the fire and the music, the kindness of everyone and the experience in general made this trip unique.

I have loved the experience and have visited many wonderful places, all were very well organized. good food. excellent treatment from all the team.



Tour : 13 Day Morocco Tour from Tangier

Family Traveler

An excellent experience. With a super professional guide. We had fun and it allowed us to know the Sahara desert beauty in a different way.
Very recommendable



Tour :  3 Days Tour from Errachidia To Merzouga Desert

Couple traveler

Wonderful and unforgettable experience, I am super proud to have chosen ”Moroccan Tours” to make this trip, we have met wonderful guides who have taught us their culture and way of life, especially Hamid, super friendly, nice, attentive, helpful and kind, he is more than a guide now, he has become a friend.
100% recommended.

Tour : 3 Day Morocco Desert Tour to Fes from Errachidia

Family Traveler

We were a little afraid to travel to Morocco, a culture so different but thanks to this group of guides the fear becomes a feeling of Like home
Highly recommended, they are friendly, welcoming and very honest people.


Tour : 3 Days Tour from Errachidia to Marrakech via The Desert

Group Traveler

I loved this trip, I recommend it to everyone, dreamy landscapes, wonderful sunsets, great food, very friendly people, taught us how they really live and the guide Ismail is the best, an experience, you should not miss.


Tour : 4 Days To The SAHARA Desert & Marrakech from Errachidia

Couple Traveler

A journey without buts. Only time was missing. Time to continue enjoying the country and the wonderful person we met as a guide, and we said goodbye as if we had known each other all our lives, our brother Hamid. He will help you get to know every corner of Morocco, as well as its customs and philosophy of life. Highly recommended.


Tour : 2 Days Desert Tour from Ouarzazate to Merzouga & Fes

Family Traveler

Three of my friends and i decided to take a short vacation to Morocco!

Thanks to Ismail for making us feel at home ! The itinerary already planned by our guide was spectacular! A trip of the most, we have met local people, eat typical food, visit fabulous places, etc.

You can’t ask for more: contact with nature and local people,
trip in a private car with interesting explanations by the guide. And, of course, accompanied by good music.

The desert tour is highly recommended! We were able to play typical instruments of the area with the local people and other visitors from different countries of the world! Thanks a lot


Tour : 3 Days Desert Tour to Fez from Ouarzazate

Group Traveler

Our days in Morocco were a dream! The whole tour we did with our guide Hamid was very well organized, fun and a great learning experience. The desert was a incredible experience! We left satisfied and grateful
Thanks Hamid and thank you Moroccan Tours



Tour : 3 Days Desert Tour from Ouarzazate to Marrakech

Couple Traveler

If you have an extra day in Marrakech, Essaouira is worth the visit. We were picked up and brought back to the nearest car parking of our Riad. Everyone was super friendly, and the charming guide made an effort to make everyone understand the tour. We ate a delicious fish in the port, I recommend it. it is super beautiful city, very quiet and beautiful



Tour : Essaouira Day Trip From Marrakech

couple Traveler

Ouzoud Falls is a very pleasant excursion. It is nature, path and water. You go down 300 meters until you reach the pools where you can swim or take a pleasure boat. Then you can go and have lunch in one of the different restaurants.
Highly recommended


Tour : Ouzoud Falls Day Trip From Marrakech

Couple Traveler

I highly recommend this trip.
Our driver treated us very well. Kind and always very attentive. The local guides also proved to be very professional. It really was a wonderful experience. I would repeat it again


Tour : Ait-Ben-Haddou & Ouarzazate Day Trip From Marrakech

Family Traveler

Pick up from the hotel at 10 am and return at 7 pm. We visited an argan and spice cooperative, a Berber house and a carpet specialist during the day. We went to see the waterfalls after the Berber house. It is a bit of a long hike but not too difficult. It is worth the effort, but if you are worried about heights it can be difficult. We hiked down the mountain and stopped for lunch. A lovely traditional meal, and then we headed back. A great day. We were looked after by Ali as our guide for the day and Mohamed was our local guide for the mountain. We highly recommend this excursion.


Tour : Ourika Valley Day Trip from Marrakech

Family Traveler